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Jun 28, 2014

Like a flash of light in an endless night, life is trapped between two black entities

Sweater: Random Store | Skirt: Made by me | High Knee Socks: Apogeo

Este sweater fue amor a primera vista, lo encontre hace un tiempo cuando salia del estudio de grabación, estaba solito en un rincon entre un monton de ropa de un estilo nada que ver al mio, casi no lo compro porque a veces soy un poco indecisa para comprar cosas.. pero gracias que siempre esta mi novio para convencerme. Sobre el outfit diría que es un clasico look de invierno, fácil de hacer, nada más le agregaría un cardigan grande o un tapado. En fín, hoy es sábado, parece ser un dia re lindo afuera y supongo que debe hacer mucho frio.. tienen planes para hoy?
This sweater was love at first sight, I found it while ago when I was in my way out of the recording studio, I almost didn't buy it because sometimes I'm a little indecisive about buying things, but I did, thanks to my boyfriend that is always there to convince me. About this outfit I'd say it's a classic winter look, easy to make, I would just add an oversized cardigan or a coat. Anyways, today is saturday and it seems to be a beautiful day outside, and very cold, at least here.. do you have any plans for today?


  1. This is so rad. Your sweater is definitely awesome, glad you bought it! I'll be writing scholarship essays all day, not very fun but oh well!

    onacruz blog

  2. your hair is gorgeous.. love the cross sweater, so bad-ass!

  3. you look so gorgeous! i don't have much plans for today, just finished my testweek so i'll be spending my day relaxing :)

  4. perfect as always! love the sweater, it's definitely a great purchase! <3

  5. Love this outfit! Your style is so honest and perfect!

  6. Me encanta! el sweater es hermoso.
    tu pelo nunca para de ser lo mejor.
    perdón por fangirlear tanto :(

  7. cool outfit, i love your hair! x

  8. Sooo beautiful, I like your dress.

  9. Me encanta!!!! El sweater es hermoso!
    Tendrías que hacer un diy de cómo hacer una pollera así! <3
    Besotes Jenn, que andes bien

    Ivi || The Closet blog

  10. you have a really great style! love it and thank you for your comment on my blog :)

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