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Oct 7, 2015


TREPHINING TOP by Vu Thien From Bloody Roses

22:12 by Thelma from Thelma Romu

DAY DREAMS by Brandi from Thirteengrimoire

BOHEMIAN & GOTH by Waters from Street Fem

#112 by Karolina from Purpurowa Karuzela

Estos son mis outfits favoritos de Agosto/Septiembre. Amo todos estos looks, me encanta hacer este tipo de posts y mostrarles cuales son algunas de las bloggers que sigo, de paso conocen sus blogs, en el caso de que no lo hicieran todavía, estoy segura de que les van a encantar. Qué les parece? Cuáles son sus blogs favoritos? ^.^
These are my August/September favourite outfits, all of them are amazing. I love making this kind of posts and showing you which are some of the blogs I love and follow and at the same time you can discover new ones and get inspired, in case you didn't know them already, I'm sure you'll love them. What do you think? Which are your favorite bloggers? ^.^

Oct 4, 2015


photos  from my instagram

1. Outfit I wore days ago.
2. My beautiful cat smelling flowers.
3. Buying plants as usual.
4. Wearing pleated skirts as usual.
5. Photo from a little trip we made some time ago.
6. Botanical drawings I printed and my cat again <3
7. Outfit details.
8. Checking and re writing some lyrics with my boyfriend and drinking some coffee.

Sep 21, 2015



Felíz primavera! Como podrán ver mi blog esta totalmente cambiado, me pasé toda la mañana armando y configurando todo, todavía tengo pequeños detalles por terminar, pero estoy mas que felíz con el resultado <3 Estas fotos son de ayer, es un outfit simple, el top de encaje lo tengo desde hace mucho y me encanta porque es un poquito grande, nada mas me puse un vestido abajo, creepers y listo. Qué les parece?
Hey there! As you can see my blog has totally changed, I spent all morning putting all together, I still have some little details to finish, but I'm more than happy with the result <3 These photos are from yesterday, it's a simple outfit, I love this lace top because it's a little oversized, I just put on a black dress underneath and creepers and that's all. What do you think?